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Both Cataract surgery and Lens Implant surgery have a very good safety record – in fact it is one of the safest surgical procedures undertaken within the NHS. No operation is without some risk although fortunately, significant problems or complications are very rare. An important part of the consultation is the discussion of risk with the person considering surgery.
No – most patients are treated as a local anaesthetic day care procedure. You will probably be in the day care unit for approximately 2-3 hours in total

Generally speaking I do not attempt to fix something that is not broken. I usually recommend surgery when your vision interferes with your daily life and your ability to work, read, or do the things that you enjoy. If you have a driving licence you must reach the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) Standard. You can download their leaflet here and more details are available from the DVLA website.


Most patients over the age of 50 will start to develop the need for reading glasses. With conventional cataract surgery this need is usually immediately after surgery. With refractive cataract surgery there are some ways around this. One of the common treatments is called ‘monovision’ where one eye is deliberately made slightly short-sighted so that you effectively see distance with one eye and close with the other. Some people can’t cope with the imbalance, although most find it acceptable.


The predictability of the treatment falls off significantly the more short-sighted you are. Also significantly long-sighted or hyperopic people are unsuitable because of the predictability of the treatment is poor with the shape that the laser has to create on the cornea being complex.


It’s quite common for people to develop a degree of cataract even though they don’t notice an effect on their vision. The cataract is likely to develop, albeit slowly in some cases, but this change in the lens is often accompanied by a change in spectacle requirement. This means that an initially good result from laser treatment doesn’t last, and patients find that their spectacle requirement increase again with time.

What Clients Say

Linda Bennett
Linda Bennett
Very easy to access warwick eye surgeons with timely appointments.Mr Toor was Extremely proffessional with an easy and approachable manner.Despite a non urgent eye problem I felt I was listened to and offered appropriate advice & treatment .
Sarah Hession
Sarah Hession
Professional and very through care. Clear advice from Mr Toor the consultant.
Lyn Kennedy
Lyn Kennedy
This is my second encounter with Mr Toor, firstly for cataracts and now another problem; I could not be happier with the outcome. Thank you.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
Felt at ease throughout the consultation. Everything was explained before and during the examination.
Sohail Butt
Sohail Butt
A Comprehensive review of my eye condition with the Consultant having the time to discuss the case in detail
Jon Radford
Jon Radford
Very professional, everything explained clearly and thoroughly. 2 operations organised quickly and very comfortable experience. Excellent outcome as well.

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