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Our Technology

Laser Vision surgeons hand select the latest ophthalmic equipment to ensure that your surgery can be performed safely and yield outstanding results

Safer and more accurate results.

Laser Vision is an independent organisation with the freedom to use any manufacturer of surgical instruments.

Our surgeons have close ties with many different suppliers and play an active role in the testing and development of new equipment. We constantly monitor and assess the quality of both our diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to ensure consistent and reliable results for our patients.

As members of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, our team of clinicians pride themselves on combining new-generation technologies with compassionate, individualised care.

Pentacam® HR

The Pentacam® HR is a high-resolution, Scheimpflug camera system used to image all components of the anterior segment of the eye including the cornea, iris and crystalline lens.

This contactless device is globally recognised as the gold standard method of analysing the thickness, curvature and power of the cornea. Our Laser Vision surgeons assess the results of Pentacam® HR scans of your eyes in order to precisely determine the parameters of your LASIK treatment.

WaveLight® Oculyzer

The WaveLight® Oculyzer II diagnostic device is based on proven Pentacam® HR technology, providing non-contact measurement and analysis of the complete anterior eye segment.

Our clinicians can take up to 50 pictures in real-time measurement with up to 25,000 measuring points to paint an incredibly detailed picture of your cornea. All of these results are immediately available to our surgeons so that your assessment can be completed in a single visit.

Ziemer Z8

Ziemer Z8 LDV is a Swiss-made precision femtosecond laser that is widely recognised as the lowest energy and fastest repetition rate femtosecond laser available on the market today. The result is high-quality LASIK flaps with no opaque bubbling.

Laser Vision surgeons are proud to use this device because it allows them to perform needle and blade-free surgery on virtually all patients; yielding unprecedented results. The Ziemer Z8 femtosecond laser represents the most significant advancement in cataract and lens surgery in the last 25 years.

IntraLase™ iFS™ 150

IntraLase™ iFS™ (AMO) is another advanced technology femtosecond laser that also allows an all-laser LASIK solution. This laser is believed to be the most widely used femtosecond laser platform in the world.

Single Vision Lens

These are lenses which have a single prescription over the whole lens. These styles of lenses give excellent vision at a set distance and are often suitable for patients who don’t mind wearing glasses for certain common activities.

Toric Lens

These lenses are designed to correct astigmatic errors within the eye and thereby minimize dependence upon spectacles after surgery. With custom made lenses, very high astigmatic prescriptions can be corrected with excellent outcomes.

What Clients Say

Linda Bennett
Linda Bennett
Very easy to access warwick eye surgeons with timely appointments.Mr Toor was Extremely proffessional with an easy and approachable manner.Despite a non urgent eye problem I felt I was listened to and offered appropriate advice & treatment .
Sarah Hession
Sarah Hession
Professional and very through care. Clear advice from Mr Toor the consultant.
Lyn Kennedy
Lyn Kennedy
This is my second encounter with Mr Toor, firstly for cataracts and now another problem; I could not be happier with the outcome. Thank you.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
Felt at ease throughout the consultation. Everything was explained before and during the examination.
Sohail Butt
Sohail Butt
A Comprehensive review of my eye condition with the Consultant having the time to discuss the case in detail
Jon Radford
Jon Radford
Very professional, everything explained clearly and thoroughly. 2 operations organised quickly and very comfortable experience. Excellent outcome as well.